What is the D6 Games Auction??

Customers bring in their games, miniatures, terrain, cards and other items and we auction them off, allowing them the ability to distribute the things they no longer want by providing a marketplace. This auction will consist of tabletop gaming items and will not include electronic games.

D6 Games will be providing a place where you can bring in those old items that you no longer play and turn them into something new. You never know you might find the rare game or miniature that you have been looking for and get it at a great price.

Instead of putting your old items on a garage sale or even ebay where you have to pay fees to sale your items. Bring those items to the 5th Annual D6 Games Auction.

We will be updating our Facebook page regularly with the items that come in for the auction.
Doors will open at 10am and the auction will start at 11am. This year we will be auctioning items in different time slots based on what the item is.

The four catagories are: board games, miniatures, rpg books and cards. The auction time slots will be announced September 30th for the four categories.

The time slots for Saturday are:
Doors open at 10:00am
(time slot to come) Miniatures
(time slot to come) Board games
(time slot to come) Role Playing books
(time slot to come) (Magic, Pokemon, etc.)

In order to sell things at the auction:

You only need to come in and pick up a lot sheet number and tag sheet, fill out some paperwork and bring your items back and we will do the work of auctioning your items for you. We will give you 100% of what they sell for in store credit.

Anything that doesn't sell will be returned back to you.

Lot sheets will become available on September 1st so you have time to dig through your basement, closet or wherever else you store your gaming items.

You simply need to drop the items off between Monday September 19th and Wednesday September 28th with your completed lot sheets, items tagged and we'll do the rest. We will not be taking any items after September 29th.

4 to 6 days after the auction unsold items and store credit will be available for pick up. We will take the time between auction completion and then to tally up the lots, make sure everything is accounted for.

What will be at the auction?

Your guess is as good as ours. We will be taking items from people and auctioning it off for them. So, we don't really know what will be available at this auction. However we can say that any sort of RPG, wargame/fantasy gaming miniatures, sourcebook, module, magazine, terrain, paint or other gaming related items are what the auction is geared toward. This includes collectible card games like Magic the Gathering, collectible miniatures games like Star Wars TMG, Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game and others.

Items not related to the tabletop gaming hobby are not going to make an appearance. We (D6 Games) have the right to not accept items that we feel don't belong or are in bad shape. Please don't get upset if we don't accept an item that you bring in.

Items that we will accept:

We will accept pretty much anything that relates to the tabletop gaming hobby and related family games even if we don't sell the game or items here. We will accept games like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders and the likes. Games that are missing parts could be put up for auction but must be noted that parts are missing.

Items that we will not accept:

Video games and consoles, non-gaming related trading cards, DVDs, non-game tabletop gaming related books, action figures, photocopies of game items or books, printed .pdfs.

We also reserve the right, at our discretion, any other item, especially those we feel are misrepresented or are misleading in description can be excluded as well.

How to rate the Condition your items:

As simply as possible. The difference between Good, Fair and Excellent is all quite subjective. Punched, Punched and Bagged, Sorted, Unpunched, Mint (if still in the originally issued condition) are all descriptive and understandable. Noting if the item is missing pieces, is written in or has other issues is just as important as explaining the condition of the item and will save all of us from confusion and strife later.

How to Price your items:

Our suggestion is simply what it is worth for you not to take it back home. Let the auction work for you determining the final price. If you set the minimum bid low, the subsequent bidding will tend to drive it upwards. Setting it too high will tend to have your item not sell, or only receive a bid or two. The smallest amount for a Minimum Bid is $1. Please keep your minimum bid amounts in full dollar amounts otherwise.

Final Drop Off and Pick up

You simply need to drop the items off between Monday September 19th and Wednesday September 28th with your completed lot sheets, items tagged and we'll do the rest.
Contact us on Wednesday (October 5th) or later (but before Monday, October 31, 2022) and we will be more than happy to give you back any unsold items as well as your Auction Certificate. Please bring a photo ID with you so we can confirm your identity. Thanks for your help making our auctions a success for all of us.

Filling Out Tags and Lot Log

Your Auction Lot will be comprised of all your items, each having its own Item Tag and entry on the corresponding Lot Sheet. When turning in your items, please include the Lot Sheet as well as the items, filled out as set out below.
Filling out the Lot Sheet:
Each item you enter in the auction will have an entry on the Lot Sheet. This entry will consist of the item's name, it's condition and your desired minimum bid for it. That minimum bid will start the bidding process and is the minimum sale price that the item will be offered at. These are entered in the appropriate boxes.

Please leave the Buyer # and Sold For empty as we use those for bookkeeping during the Auction itself.

Filling out the Item Tags:

Each Tag will have information that corresponds to the entry on the Lot Sheet. Lot and Item Numbers in the upper left hand corner, the name of the item, it's condition and minimum bid below that leaving at least an inch of space across the bottom of the tag for the sale information during the auction. This space is quite important, so please make sure it is there. Example tags for the items on our example sheet are shown below.

Please note the Lot and Item numbers placement, item name location, it's condition is below that and the minimum bid price below that. Also please make particular note of the space left at the bottom of the tag.

Please put the lot and item number in the upper left hand corner. No need to identify them, as long as they are in the order shown, it'll be fine.
Please leave at least an inch of blank space at the bottom so we can record the sale and payment information on the tag.
Please take a moment and make sure the lot and item numbers are clear and legible. Without those it's hard to credit you with the sale.
Please make sure the tags are on the outside of any container/bag, that they are secure and that we can remove them without damaging the item.